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Portfolio: Projects

Kaiping New Town Master Plan Concept

Project: Kaiping New Town Master Plan Concept Kaiping, China This master planning of a new town was centered on providing up to date residential facilities together with creating new town centre and tourist destination to enable restoration of the historically important village of Kaiping near

Xiaomo Aviation Town Conceptual Master Plan

Project: Xiaomo Aviation Town Conceptual Master Plan Shanwei, China Master planning concept for combination of a waterfront seaplane facility with a marina and other leisure and tourist facilities such as hotel, residential  and retail. This project anticipated utilization of extensive amount of recycled shipping containers

Ryuhe Lake Eco Park

Project: Ryuhe Lake Eco Park Shanwei, China Located near the Sun Moon Lake in Shenshan Special Cooperative Zone of Shenzhen and Shanway, this master planning project’s brief was to create an integrated leisure tourist destination, primarily centred on the outdoor and mountain related sports and

World Expo Milano 2015 – Information Pavilion

Project: World Expo Milano 2015 - Information Pavilion Shanghai, China This was a competition for an information pavilion at the World Expo Milano. The concept was based on the Expo logo, which was then extruded into a 3D form and adapted as a pavilion with

Dinshan Lake IDC Development

Project: Dinshan Lake IDC Development Qingpu, Shanghai, China This 1st Phase of a waterfront mixed development consists of a state of the art Information data centre with offices, staff dormitories and club /leisure accommodation. The complete development also includes a hotel and additional office and

Changsha Residential Showroom

Project: Changsha Residential Showroom Changsha, Hunan, China Residential development sales centre and show room is in the shape of a transparent glass cube, interlocked with solid elements. The building also houses sales offices and meeting rooms with all associated facilities and the key to the

Jiayu F2 Tower

Project: Jiayu F2 Tower Guangzhou, China This mixed city centre landmark tower contains 3 different functions – hotel, apartments and offices, with a retail element on the ground level. These separate elements are expressed with different façade treatment, varying the textures and colours and thus

Shimao ‘Vertical Shikumen’ Residential

Project: Shimao 'Vertical Shikumen' Residential Shanghai, China Vertical Shikumen’ is our concept to recreate the character of the original Shanghai tight knit communities in rotating the horizontal low-rise streetscape into vertical high rise format and  thus forming ‘sky gardens’ and community spaces interspersed throughout the

Joe Lalli Narada Resort Hotel

Project: Joe Lalli Narada Resort Hotel Moganshan, Hangzhou, China This building is the main hotel facility for a leisure resort located in a beautiful Moganshan mountains. The 14,000m2 building houses the main reception, banqueting and conference rooms, with restaurants and bars on upper levels. Basement

Jiayu Ningbo Hotel, Ningbo, China

Project: Jiayu Ningbo Hotel Ningbo, China Mixed development of a hotel, offices and conference/banqueting centre uses an unusual and structurally dynamic triangular shape to create unique sculptural landmark. The structure and façade are now complete and the project is undergoing fitout with completion expected in

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